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E. How to check my ticket status?
Last Updated 5 years ago

After sending your ticket, you can follow up the ticket status by;


  • Both links are same function as it will direct you to the page of checking your ticket status as shown below;
  • What you need to do is
    • Fill in your email address (which you had used to open the ticket)
    • Fill in the ticket number (refer from your email)
    • Submit by clicking Email Access Link button.
    • If you forget your ticket number, you can open a new ticket using the same email and help topic.
  • Once submitted, you will be brought back to the home page, but with a new function which is View Ticket Thread. You can find it at the menus bar, at the very right side.


  • Click on View Ticket Thread and you will see your ticket progress.


  • If you still did not receive any response or reply from the admin, you can Post a Reply to remind back about your issue or inquiry. Or you can contact them directly.

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