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B. What is the right Help Topic to choose?
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The table shows the help topic and recommended issues and questions.

Help topic

Example of inquiries

Learning Portal Access Issue

Create/update course outline

Create/update/assist with iLecture

Assist in survey

Back-up and restore data

Resetting EBM

Assist in uploading files/documents

Access/enrol to Course

Access/enrol to Module

Access/enrol to Program

Online Quiz Creation

Upload the quiz to e-quiz portal

Create/update/assist with grading rubric

Access/enrol to quiz

Access/enrol group to quiz

Online Assignment Creation

Create assignment submission in the module

Create/update grouping list

Access/enrol to assignment

Peer Assessment Creation

Create grouping of students

Upload the grouping into the portal

Create and set up the peer assessment


Create/update/assist with TURNITIN

Access to Articulate 360

Photography Request

Photography request

Request for photographer

Photo request

Training of SWIVL

Set up for camera/SWIVL

Assist for photo editing software or tools

Videography Request

Request for video recording and editing

Training of SWIVL

Set up for camera/SWIVL

Request for videographer

Assist in videography software and tools.

Studio Booking

Request for shooting a video

Request for audio recording

Loan of Equipment

Request for Camera, Laptop, Sviwl, and others

Software Request

Software provided is for teaching and learning process only.

Such as creating iLecture using Articulate 360 software.

Other software such as Camtasia, Vyond, PowerLab, and Poll Everywhere

Training / Workshop / Clinic

Booking for training/workshop/clinic

Elearning license

General Inquiry / Feedback / Complaints

Loaning request

Login problems

Forgot password and safety question

Login problem to student email

ePDP and grading access

Open the date for re-submission of portfolio

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