Educational Games Competition


This competition will provide a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their skills in developing games that benefit others in the areas of education. Participants are required to submit the final version of the game they developed, be it an app, websites of other forms to be tested by our panel of judges. The objectives of this competition is to make learning fun other than to gain knowledge. Other than that, the development of this game also will enable the game’s designer to enhance their knowledge in using available technologies nowadays.


Important Dates

24 September 2021 Final date for Registration and Submission
11 October 2021 Top finalists will be announced
28 October 2021 Announcement of winners

Rules & Regulations

  • Games should be related with education.
  • The game features should include the following:
    • System requirements
    • Registration of an account – for participants
    • Objective / outcome of the game
    • Engagement with participants
    • Problem solving questions
    • Provide answers at the end
    • Feedback
    • Sharing with others
    • Should be fun
  • Participants can submit as many games they develop as they would like
  • The game must be original – Not a platform taken from other game developer.
  • The use of app for the gaming platform is welcome either via Android or iOS. Game also can be in website format.
  • The game could be operated either through mobile or computer.
  • You can only use any games platforms listed below.
    • Scratch
    • Unity 3D
    • Minecraft Education Edition
    • Roblox Studio
    • Stencyl
    • MIT App Inventor
  • One – four participants per team in designing the game.
  • Final date to submit is 24 September 2021. Submission after this date will not be accepted.
  • The same game could be used to participate in the Inovasi competition with different fees applied.
  • Judges decisions are final.


  • The scoring criteria of the game are as follow:
    • Inventiveness
    • Design
    • Practicality and usefulness
    • Impact of learning
  • The top 5 games will be announced on 11 September 2021. They will be notified through email.
  • The top 3 winners will be announced on 28 October 2020 during the festival
  • Judges decisions are final.
  • Any appeals will not be entertained.

Top 3 Winners to Receive

  • Gold, silver or bronze medals for all participants
  • Certificate of Participation for all participants

Participation Fee

This fee also entitles you to access all of ILRF2021's webinars and workshops during the 3-day event.

Category Normal Fee (MYR)
IMU Student 100
External Student (Primary until Undergraduate) 100

IMU staff are entitled for a 30% discount. IMU student are entitled for a 50% discount.

All entries are eligible to receive certificate. Cash prizes will be awarded to those that achieve threshold points.

Registration Deadline

24 September 2021 by 11:59pm (Malaysian time)