The IMU International Learning Resources Festival (ILRF) is an annual event jointly organised by the Learning Resources Department (e-Learning, Library & Medical Museum), Clinical Skills & Simulation Centre (CSSC) and IMU Center for Education (ICE). The ILRF 2021 aims to address both technical as well as the non-technical aspects of e-Learning. The LRF event will provide various opportunities to share and exchange knowledge, best practices and experiences with the focus on learning innovation and technology.

More than 10 workshops and webinars are scheduled for LRF 2021. Pre-workshops will start on 25th October and followed by keynotes discussion, plenary, forums and workshops on day 1 and 2 of the event. Register now to attend all exciting workshops and webinars by local and international speakers!


IIInovasi© is a competition focused on Innovation, Imagination and Insights on technology enhanced learning for students, educators and corporate staff of higher learning institutions. The competition serves as a platform for the learning and teaching communities to explore and showcase new insights, perspectives, best practices, challenges, emerging trends and innovations in the world of learning and teaching through product innovation.

This competition will provide a unique opportunity for participants to showcase their skills in developing games that benefit others in the areas of education. Participants are required to submit the final version of the game they developed, be it an app, websites of other forms to be tested by our panel of judges. The objectives of this competition is to make learning fun other than to gain knowledge. Other than that, the development of this game also will enable the game’s designer to enhance their knowledge in using available technologies nowadays.


e-Learning, online learning, blended Learning, and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) are being integrated in teaching and learning. These types of deliveries are now commonly used in Schools, Higher Education Institutions as well as corporate trainings. The Tan Sri Dato’ Abu Bakar Suleiman award will be awarded to the school which demonstrates and showcases innovative examples of e-Learning, Technology enhanced learning, and use of ODL.

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