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Studio Facility
Last Updated 3 months ago

The use of the studio is for the purpose of:

  • developing iLecture
  • Video/Swivl recording
  • Audio recording
  • Photo shoot

The studio is soundproof and air conditioned. eLearning Studio provides spaces such as:

  1. Green screen stage area
    1. Lighting
      1. 2x Pole Lighting (cool)
      2. 2x ceiling lighting (warm)
    2. 2x stool chair
    3. Patient bed
  2. Two iLecture/audio recording Rooms
    1. each room is equipped with:
      1. Computer installed with relevance teaching and learning software such as Microsoft Office, Articulate 360, browsers and many more.
      2. Keyboard and mouse
      3. Headset
      4. Microphone
      5. Telephone
      6. desk and chair.

The process of booking the studio is by requesting through E-ticketing system which is "Open a new ticket --> under Help Topic, select Studio Booking --> select Venue".

Please read the eLearning Room Booking guideline HERE.

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