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ZOOM - First time user
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By requesting the ZOOM application, you are aware that the use of this application is ONLY applicable for TEACHING and LEARNING purposes. The use that against of it, will terminate your request automatically.

For the first time user, please visit the ZOOM help ( to get to know about ZOOM, the guides and functionality.

Here are summarized ZOOM guides prepared by elearning ZOOM Class

Here are some information that you must pay attention to when requesting for ZOOM Class session;

  • Once request approved, the ZOOM class link will be created and posted in the module page and parked it under "General Introduction" or "Discussion" section.
  • The session of the ZOOM will be posted in the specific topic that you have requested.
  • Every request of ZOOM class session will be given ONE HOUR extra usage for any contingency or delay causes during the pre or post session.
  • The session will be accessible 6 hours before the session start. Otherwise it is hidden from students
  • The HOST KEY number will be provided upon request.
  • Please make sure the participants involved in the ZOOM class session have:
    • Quite or noiseless environment for good sound clarity
    • Access to the module page
    • Stable Internet connection
    • Recommended to use Computer or Notebook with capability of video camera and sound system
    • Electricity power for battery life support
  • The videos from each successful session will be stored temporarily in ZOOM cloud and will be transferred to eLearning storage upon request. The videos that require compilation and editing, MUST;
    • Name the video following to our Naming Convention
    • The video compilation will take time to THREE working days, depends on how long is the duration of the video.

The guides will help in;
1. Installation of ZOOM app
2. Open the ZOOM video

The guides can be viewed in this link:
ZOOM - First time user

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