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Lecturer: I want to extent the deadline of submission
Last Updated 2 years ago

Step 1: Please login to elearn portal as usual.

Step 2: Go to your module page where the submission activity is placed.

Step 3: As usual, when you want to re-set the submission date, you MUST "Turn editting on"


Step 4:
 Go to the submission link and open it.

Step 5: Click on the settings button.


Step 6:
 Click on "Edit setting" link from the drop down options.


Step 7: Go to section "Availability" and adjust the "Due date" row only.


Step 8: Finally, click on "Save and display" button at the bottom of the page.



If you face any issues in performing this action, please contact eLearning helpdesk via eTicketing system and Chat Messenger.

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