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Module Coordinator: I want to enroll my associate teaching lecturers to the module
Last Updated 2 years ago

Step 1: Login to eLearn portal.

Step 2: Go to the module that you want to enroll the lecturer.

Step 3: In the module, hover the mouse to the "Participants" button and click on it.


Step 4: Then, click on "Enroll users" button at the right side.


Step 5: Search the name in the box. When the correct name is shown, click on it to select.


Step 6: Switch the assign roll from "Student" to "Associate Lecturer".


Step 7: Finally, click on "Enroll selected users and cohorts" button.



If you are unable to do the enrolment, it could be your role of access is not as Coordinator. Please reach out to eLearning Helpdesk to update your role of access.

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