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Guidelines to choose the right activity and resource in module/resource page
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Please follow the instruction and guides below:

  1. Before you start the editing, you must have the rights to edit and access the page in the portal. If you do not have the rights, please request by raise a ticket in eLearning Eticketing system in this link and select help topic: Access to teaching module.
  2. When you adding the activity and resource, you need to choose which activity and resource. These are guidelines for you to follow:
Your job materials and task The right activity and resource to choose
You want to make announcement to all your student Activity: Forum
You want to upload lecture note, assignment instruction, rubric (slides, word document, pdf), image and video. Resource: File
You want to insert internal or external link from any kind of link in the Internet websites Resource: URL
You want to create quiz Activity: Quiz
You want to create questionnaire Activity: Questionnaire
You want students to submit their assignment Activity: Assignment
You want to have discussion with your students Activity: Forum
You want students to submit their assignment for TURNITIN check Activity: TURNITIN Assignment 2
You want to keep a bunch of files as a folder Resource: Folder

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