Tan Sri Dato’ Abu Bakar Suleiman Award


e-Learning, online Learning, blended Learning, and Open and Distance Learning (ODL) are now integrated well in teaching and learning. This type of delivery is now commonly used in Schools, Higher Education Institutions and for corporate training.

Tan Sri Dato’ Abu Bakar Suleiman award will be awarded to the school will demonstrate and showcase innovative examples of e-Learning, Technology enhanced learning, and ODL use. These examples are presented through case histories, full case history describing their initiative, methodology, tools, conclusion, and further enhancement.

Your school will be automatically enrolled as participants for Tan Sri Abu Bakar Award 2019 once there are 2 or more participations from the same school entering for IMU elearning Award 2019. The winner is selected based on the average points of the showcases from each participating schools.


The Judges will be using following criteria while evaluation of case history and showcases:

  1. School uses unique, innovative, and creative Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) strategies to promote active student centred self-directed learning and engagement.
  2. The performance of the Initiative so far, including any ratings by participants.
  3. Resources utilized to develop and implement the initiative.
  4. How this project will impact on learning enhancement and result?
  5. Future plans to further develop/improve/sustain the initiative

This competition is open to IMU schools only.