About LRF’19

The IMU Learning Resources Festival (LRF) is an annual event involving Learning Resources Department (e-Learning, Library & Museum), Faculties, Students and others internally and externally. This event will be held at International Medical University (IMU), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 9th October to 10th October 2019.

Last year festival photos

This event will provide unique opportunity for faculty and students to showcase how they are using technology to empower learning through talks, workshops, showcase competition, learning activities and games. Participants and attendees will discover insights into how academics are using various technologies to engage and inspire students to learn.

IMU Learning Resources Festival (LRF) will challenge our imaginations on how we can use technology to transform every aspect of the learning and teaching process. By celebrating the learning innovation transformers and stories, it is hoped that this event will also inspire more of us to rethink how we learn and teach, and pro-actively explore new possibilities to engage, excite, and empower students’ potential at IMU and beyond.


Provide opportunities to showcase learning and teaching INNOVATIONS

Share INSIGHTS on how we can use technology to engage and transform learning

Challenge our IMAGINATIONS to explore the future of learning and education

INSPIRE more to transform their learning and teaching practices

CELEBRATE the learning innovation transformers and stories at learning institutions.