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Student: I cannot open/play/link broken with the i-Lecture.
Last Updated 11 months ago

The problem may vary based on the type of devices that you use to open or play the i-Lecture. If you are using computer or notebook, you may need to apply all those steps in order to fix the problem. But, if you are using smartphone, tablet or Ipad, you may jump to the step number 3.

1. Update Adobe Flash Player.

If you're viewing the Flash version of your published iLecture, install the latest version of Adobe Flash Player:

For Windows 8 and later, install the latest Windows updates to get the latest Flash Player version.
For Windows 7 and earlier, install the latest Flash Player version here.

2. Use a supported version of Java.

Articulate content doesn't use Java, but your LMS might. Ask your LMS provider if you need Java and which version you should install. (The most recent version of Java might not be supported by your LMS.)

3. Delete the browser cache.

Delete your browser cache, then view the course again. If you’re not sure how to delete the cache, click a browser below to learn how:

Internet Explorer
Microsoft Edge
Google Chrome

If the problem still persisted, please contact eLearning teams to get further assistance.

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