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Lecturer: I want to extent the deadline of submission
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Most of the time some students will fail to submit their work on the required timeline. So, they will ask whether possible to extent the due date.

It is possible to extent the due date with the permission from the lecturer or module coordinator to open back the submission to further date. Only lecturer or module coordinator able to open back the submission and extent the deadline.

Please follow these simple and easy steps.

For video tutorial;
Please watch the video below

For guided reading;
1. Please login to elearn portal as usual.
2. Go to your module page where the submission activity is placed.
3. As usual, when you want to re-set the submission date, you MUST 'Turn editting on'

4. Go to the submission link and open it.
5. Then, go to 'Administration' box located at the left side of the page and click on 'Edit settings'.

6. Go to section 'Availability' and adjutst the 'Due date' column only.


7. Finally, click on 'Save and display' button at the bottom of the page.

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