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Module Coordinator: I want to enrol my associate teaching lecturers to the module
Last Updated 9 months ago

Please follow these simple and easy steps.

For video tutorial,
Please watch the tutorial video by clicking the link in the ATTACHMENT section, at your right side.

For guided reading,
1. Log in to the elearn portal as usual
2. Go to the module page you want to give the access
3. In the page, look for ADMINISTRATION box
4. Click on (A)'Users', then click on (B)'Enrolled users'

5. Click on (A)'Enrol users', after that new pop-up window come out.
6. In that window, please select assign roles to (B)'Associate Lecturer', then search that lecturer name in the (C) search box. Then click on (D)'Search' button.
7. When the name you search is appear and confirmed, click on (E)'Enrol' next to the name.


8. After that, click 'Finish enrolling users' button at the bottom of the window.

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