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  1. Activate the Password Self Service
  2. Assignment submission to TURNITIN
  3. Can I install Storyline 360 on my Mac?
  4. Do I have to be connected to the internet to use Storyline 360?
  5. For Office 365 user: How to save the slides presentation as a video file
  6. Guidelines to choose the right activity and resource in module/resource page
  7. How do I change the Profile picture?
  8. How do I check if my email notification is on?
  9. How do I install and update Storyline 360?
  10. How do I know the video is successfully uploaded?
  11. How do I log in to the ePortfolio?
  12. How to Change settings in Teams
  13. How to download the TURNITIN Digital Receipt?
  14. How to enable cookies in browser
  15. How to enable the editing function in the module/resources page
  16. How to insert audio to Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  17. How to record slideshow in Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  18. How to save a presentation as a movie file in PowerPoint For Mac
  19. How to See who's online in Teams
  20. How to set permission and privacy of your video?
  21. How to Sign in to Teams
  22. How to Sign out of Teams
  23. How to Start a one-on-one or group chat
  24. How to subscribe to Forum Discussion?
  25. How to Update Microsoft Teams
  26. How to use Teams on the web
  27. I can't play the video from MS Stream
  28. I cannot found my mentor/mentee name.
  29. Lecturer: I want to check who did not submit yet.
  30. Lecturer: I want to extend the deadline
  31. Lecturer: No users selected when grading the student's assignment
  32. Lecturer: Unable to view all submissions
  33. Mentee: How do I change my Profile picture?
  34. Mentee: How do I complete my Profile?
  35. Mentee: How do I share my ePortfolio?
  36. Mentee: How to get the ePortfolio template?
  37. Mentee: My mentor is unable to view my ePortfolio.
  38. Mentor: How do I leave comment and feedback to my mentee ePortfolio
  39. Mentor: I cannot see/access my mentee ePortfolio
  40. Mentor: I want to grade my mentee ePortfolio, but when I open it, the page turned out be access denied.
  41. Microsft Teams Set up for Teaching and Learning
  42. Microsoft Teams Mobile App
  43. Microsoft Teams Workaround for Presenter & Attendee Issue for Teaching & Learning
  44. Student: How to reset my password?
  45. Student: I cannot open/play/link broken with the i-Lecture.
  46. Video formats that MS Stream accepts to upload
  47. What browsers does Microsoft Stream support?
  48. What parts of a presentation won't be included in a video?
  49. Who have the rights for editing function in the module/resources page?
  50. Why turn your presentation into a video?
  51. Will Microsoft Stream work on mobile devices?

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